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Bevel Mats Art Book Designer

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Bevel Mats Art Book Designer

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Make albums quickly in Photoshop! Instant download, Push-button ease!
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This sophisticated collection of pages have been designed by me, for my brides at Storybook. My clients were looking for the most tasteful product available, and when we put these in our display albums, the bookings soared.

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This VirtualMat™ Bevelmat style albums were developed exclusively at Storybook®. This new development creates an album that looks like a series of images professionally mounted in a precision die-cut artboard. When flush mounted in a leather-bound album, the book looks like a collection of matted images.

The easy-to-use BevelMat™ power console allows you to create albums rapidly with very little learning curve... prompts guide you along the way...

This is an example of the corner edge detail. Photographs were taken of a series of actual matted artboards, and the shadow characteristics were then digitally reproduced for authenticity. The result is an album that blends a traditional look with the look of a fine-art book. The book is Leather bound with a non-gilded sanded white edge. This product is available for immediate download!

To see an example of a BevelMat album, check out my studio website's online display album at

I wish you the best of luck - and enjoy using this product!

Note: This item is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD upon confirmation of purchase.

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