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  1. Universal Mounting Kit

    Universal Mounting Kit

    List Price: US$ 10,75

    Only: US$ 9,95

    UNIVERSAL MOUNTING KIT for WhaleTail, Origami and Lightsphere-Universal Learn More
  2. Puffer for Sony/Minolta

    Puffer for Sony/Minolta

    List Price: US$ 23,71

    Only: US$ 21,95

    The Puffer for Sony, Minolta and Konica brand cameras.
    UPDATE: Adapter now included for increased compatibility with a77 or similar! Learn More
  3. Whaletail Studio Amber Flaps

    Whaletail Studio Amber Flaps

    US$ 16,15

    Whaletail Studio Amber Flaps Learn More
  4. Flaps, WhaleTail-Reporter, Replacement

    Flaps, WhaleTail-Reporter, Replacement

    US$ 10,75

    Flaps, WhaleTail-Reporter, Replacement Learn More
  5. Lightsphere Universal, Half Cloud (Neutral Color)

    Lightsphere Universal, Half Cloud (Neutral Color)

    List Price: US$ 53,95

    Only: US$ 49,95

    The famous Gary Fong Lightsphere - Now in a UNIVERSAL size to fit almost ANY on-camera flash! (including new Nikon SB910 and Canon 600ex-rt) Available in Half-Cloud and Cloud versions. Learn More
  6. Flip-Cage PRO, (Larger Point & Shoots)

    Flip-Cage PRO, (Larger Point & Shoots)

    List Price: US$ 21,59

    Only: US$ 19,99

    The Flip-Cage not only protects your camera from damage, you can use it to shoot horizontals, verticals and even macros!

    NOTE: Lanyard NOT included with the Flip-Cage PRO

    Learn More
  7. ChromeDome (Power Booster)

    ChromeDome (Power Booster)

    List Price: US$ 53,95

    Only: US$ 49,95

    ChromeDome - Fits all Lightsphere models including Universal and Collapsible. Reflective surface raises direct light source while adding power. Includes the adapter ring for use with the Lightsphere Collapsible. Learn More
  8. Test Grouped

    Test Grouped

    Starting at: US$ 14,95

    TEST Learn More
  9. Lightsphere Universal Basic Kit

    Lightsphere Universal Basic Kit

    List Price: US$ 124,15

    Only: US$ 114,95

    The Lightsphere Universal Basic Kit includes: The Lightsphere Universal Cloud, Inverted Dome, AmberDome and ChromeDome Learn More
  10. GearGuard Lens Lock, Nikon

    GearGuard Lens Lock, Nikon

    List Price: US$ 32,35

    Only: US$ 29,95

    GearGuard Lens Lock, Nikon Learn More
  11. Whaletail Studio Accessory Set

    Whaletail Studio Accessory Set

    US$ 37,75

    Accessory set for the Whaletail Studio Learn More
  12. Whaletail Studio Basic Set

    Whaletail Studio Basic Set

    US$ 107,95

    Whaletail Studio Basic Set includes the Whaletail Studio and White Flaps. Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 30 total

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