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  1. LightBlade (NEW!)

    LightBlade (NEW!)

    List Price: US$ 37,95

    Only: US$ 34,95

    The new LightBlade Diffuser softens harsh light emitted from power-packed speedlights, minimizes shadows and reduces glare while creating more accurate skin tones. Learn More
  2. Puffer - Pop-Up Flash Diffuser

    Puffer - Pop-Up Flash Diffuser

    List Price: US$ 23,71

    Only: US$ 21,95

    Flash diffuser for Canon/ Nikon/ Pentax/ Olympus/ Panasonic- Lumix units with popup flash directly in front of the standard ISO hot-shoe. The Puffer mounts in the hot-shoe slot of digital cameras with a pop-up flash, greatly softening the quality of light.

    Learn More
  3. Lightsphere Universal Starter Kit  - SAVE $12.95

    Lightsphere Universal Starter Kit - SAVE $12.95

    List Price: US$ 102,55

    Only: US$ 94,95

    The Lightsphere Universal Starter Kit includes: The Lightsphere Universal Cloud, The Lightsphere Universal Half-Cloud and 2 x Inverted Domes

    Nikon SB600,
    Nikon SB700
    Nikon SB800
    Nikon SB900
    Canon 430ex
    Canon 430exII
    Canon 580ex
    Canon 580exII
    Canon 600ex-RT
    Leica SF-58
    Olympus FL-36
    Olympus FL40
    Pentax AF540FGZ
    Sony HVL-F42
    Sony HVL-56
    Sony 56am
    Sony 58
    Sony 58AM
    Sigma EF530-610
    Bower SFD Series Flashes
    Vivitar DF383
    Vivitar DF400
    Metz 44
    Nissin Di622
    Nissin Di866 Learn More
  4. Lightsphere Universal, Cloud (Warmer)

    Lightsphere Universal, Cloud (Warmer)

    List Price: US$ 53,95

    Only: US$ 49,95

    The famous Gary Fong Lightsphere - Now in a UNIVERSAL size to fit almost ANY on-camera flash! Available in Half-Cloud and Cloud versions. (including new Nikon SB910 and Canon 600ex/rt Learn More

Items 13 to 16 of 16 total

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