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Frequently Asked Questions


Tutorial Videos
Where can I watch tutorial videos on the products?
To view our video tutorials please visit:
Or, subscribe to Gary's YouTube Channel

Rush Shipping or When can I expect my order
I ordered an item yesterday afternoon, why haven’t I received a tracking number or confirmation it shipped? I need it tomorrow!
At Gary Fong Inc., we strive to process orders as quickly as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a delivery or shipment time. If an order is received before 12 noon EST, we make every effort to ship that order the same day. If an order is received after 12 noon EST, it will most likely not be shipped until the next business day. Delivery times are subject to each carriers policies. Please keep in mind that most carriers do not consider the pick-up day as part of the timeframe in their service. In addition, delivery services typically do not consider Saturday as a standard delivery day and may not distribute your package until a normal business day (defined as Monday-Friday).
For international shipments, Customs Inspections vary from country to country. For this reason, we cannot guarantee how long a shipment may take from the United States. For security purposes, a package can be held for several days before it is cleared for delivery. If an order has not been received within 30 days, please contact us for further investigation and tracking verifications.

Please review our "Shiping & Returns Policies" in full.

Shipping Cost
How much will it cost to ship my purchase?
Once you add your items to the shopping cart, you will be redirected to a summary of your order. On the lower left hand corner of the web page, there is an area where you can input your Country, State and Postal Code to receive an estimate on shipping and tax charges.

Sales and Use Tax
Does Gary Fong Inc. collect sales tax?
We collect applicable sales and use taxes for sales within the tax nexus where we maintain operations. Currently we maintain operations in the state of Washington and Wisconsin. Please consult a tax professional for information specific to your location.

Dealer Inquiry
How do I apply for the Authorized Dealer Program?
Thank you for your interest in the Gary Fong product line. We offer an attractive discount program to qualifying retailers.

 Alison Hickman is the Sales Manager, she will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may contact her directly at 800-906-6447 x 7.


Where is the Lightsphere® II?
I would like to purchase the Lightsphere®-II but I cannot locate it on the website.
How do I order one?

The Lightsphere®-II has been discontinued. Since the release of the Lightsphere®- II we have developed other versions of the Lightsphere® that boast great features such as adjustable mounts (no sizes needed!) and collapsible support structures. We’ve refined the Lightsphere so as to retain its original quality of light while improving the daily functionality for professional photographers. Please note, however, we’ve made a point to enable each new version to be fully compatible with our ChromeDome* and AmberDome accessory pieces.
*An adapter ring is required with the Lightsphere Collapsible for use with the ChromeDome.

Does the Lightsphere® fit my flash?
I don't see my flash listed, will it fit?
The Lightsphere® diffusers are designed for use with normal hot-shoe mounted TTL flash systems. With that in mind, our diffusers are compatible with hundreds of flash units and are designed to give a custom fit. It is easy to size-down to a flash, but the maximum flash dimension is approximately 3 1/4” X 2 1/4”. For this reason, many older, handle mounted flash units, like a Metz CT-45, are not compatible.
If you still are uncertain of your flash, please contact our customer support line at 800-906-6447.

What's the difference between the Lightsphere® Universal-Cloud and 1/2 (Half) Cloud?
What's the difference between these two diffusers?
The Lightsphere® Universal offers two opacity variations. The Lightsphere® Universal-Cloud is the more opaque of the two, and transmits a "warmer" color tone. Many photographers like the rich tones that this diffuser offers for portraits and small studio environments..
The Lightsphere® Universal- 1/2(Half) Cloud still produces the same beautiful soft light, but is more translucent. This results in a greater efficiency with regards to battery power. In addition, the color tone of the 1/2 Cloud is a more neutral which is ideal for portraits and events.
Both diffusers include a white inverted dome and the accessory straps for a secure mount to your flash. Both of these diffuser are also fully compatible with the AmberDome and ChromeDome™.

Spots, circles, and other foggy areas on images
I'm using the Lightsphere® and am getting weird circular patterns or glowing areas on my images. Is something defective about the product?
Your Lightsphere® is not defective.
These abnormalities are commonly referred to as lens flare. The reason for lens flare is that errant light is bouncing around inside the elements of your lens. This can be from direct bounce or from an angle. We strongly suggest using a lens hood/shade when photographing and always been mindful of shiny surfaces or reflective materials.
For further insight on lens flare and the optics lenses, we suggest this Wikipedia article:

Underexposure in Vertical / Portrait Mode
I am getting different result in the vertical position vs. the horizontal position. The horizontal position gives me a good exposure but in the vertical orientation I get under-exposed results. The camera is set the same but my flash seems to be working differently.
You concern is not overly common, but we have seen a handful of support tickets referring to similar problems.
We have consulted directly with Canon/Nikon in the past to determine a solution. What is believed to be happening are the pins that line up in the hot-shoe are not making full contact and consequently taking your flash and camera from ETTL/ITTL to regular TTL. There are 5 points of contact that need to be firmly seated, and even if one 1 point slightly off, it changes the exposure on your flash. When shooting horizontally, gravity keeps the flash properly connected, but when you switch to vertical-gravity is working against you.
One way to determine this is to look at the back of your flash on the LED where it indicates the ETTL/ITTL metering. If, when you switch to vertical, it blinks or changes to TTL then you have a faulty connection. We suggest removing the flash and remounting it. Make sure it is firmly tightened to secure that all 5 points are connected.
You may also want to examine the contacts on the camera to see if any dust or grease is blocking the connection. Consult your flash owners manual for recommended cleaning.

Camera Settings
How do I set my camera? I have an event coming up this weekend.
We don't have recommended settings for every camera, but the general idea is the same, across all models. These setting are provided as a starting point, because each photographer has their own style and goals for their images.
Please review our instructional PDFs at the following link for further information:

Lightsphere® for Nikon SB-400 flash
I have Nikon SB-400. I would like to know does there any version of Lightsphere® support my flash?
The Lightsphere® is not compatible with your flash. However we have designed a diffuser that is compatible. Please review the Prizm flash diffuser at this link:

ChromeDome™ Installation
Does the ChromeDome get installed with the kicker plate on the side towards your subject or opposite your subject?
You shoot with the ChromeDome towards you, opposite of your subject, so the light is reflected toward your subject.
Please review our tutorials at:


Attaching the Puffer to Your Camera
How do I attach the Puffer to my camera?
A short video showing how to attach the Puffer to your camera.


Flip-Cage® Fitting
Will the Flip-Cage® fit my camera?
We have two options of Flip-Cage®. The regular Flip-Cage® fits many compact cameras measuring:
4 inches or less in width,
2-1/2 inches or less in height, and
1 inch or less in thickness

The Flip-Cage® Pro is designed with larger compact cameras in mind, similar to the Canon “G” series.
4-1/4 inches or less in width
3 inches or less in height, and
1-3/4 inches or less in thickness


Getting the perfect size Delta
How do I know what size Delta I need for my camera?
To determine the correct Delta diffuser size, measure the physical diameter of your camera’s telescopic lens barrel at the furthest point. This is where the diffuser will be seated to diffuser your flash.  
Delta™ Size Diameter:
Size (1) 3/4-7/8"
Size (2) 7/8-1"
Size (3) 1- 1 1/8"
Size (4) 1 1/8-1 3/8"



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