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Lightsphere® Universal Starter Kit

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Lightsphere® Universal Starter Kit


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The Lightsphere® Universal Starter Kit includes: The Lightsphere® Universal Cloud, The Lightsphere® Universal Half-Cloud and 2 x WhiteDomes

Nikon SB600,
Nikon SB700
Nikon SB800
Nikon SB900
Canon 430ex
Canon 430exII
Canon 580ex
Canon 580exII
Canon 600ex-RT
Leica SF-58
Olympus FL-36
Olympus FL40
Pentax AF540FGZ
Sony HVL-F42
Sony HVL-56
Sony 56am
Sony 58
Sony 58AM
Sigma EF530-610
Bower SFD Series Flashes
Vivitar DF383
Vivitar DF400
Metz 44
Nissin Di622
Nissin Di866

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Additional Information

Lightsphere Comparison

All other diffusers "point" the light forward like a flashlight. The Gary Fong Lightsphere® is the only diffuser that lights up the entire room, softening your images tremendously.
Lightsphere® Kits

  • The famous Gary Fong Lightsphere® UNIVERSAL - fits almost ANY on-camera flash including: Nikon SB600/700/800/900, 430ex(II)- 580ex(II) Canon, Leica SF-58, Olympus FL-36-40, Pentax AF540FGZ, Sony HVL-F42/56/56am/58/58AM, Sigma EF530-610, Bower SFD Series Flashes, Vivitar DF383-400, Metz 44-58AF, Nissin Di622-866 + hundreds more.
  • The grip is so strong that it can support the entire weight of a camera, drive and flash securely.
  • Attaches with patent pending grip system - WILL NOT FALL OFF!
  • Includes translucent WhiteDome, and accepts full line of Lightsphere® Accessory Domes - AmberDome & ChromeDome.
  • These MONEY SAVING kits contain everything you need to produce studio-quality lighting with your on-camera flash - without a bracket!

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