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GearGuard™  Lens Lock, Canon

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GearGuard™ Lens Lock, Canon

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GearGuard™ Lens Lock, Canon

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Gary Fong Inc. has entered a new photographic space with the launch of its GearGuard™ line. Known for its array of lighting accessories, Gary Fong designed the GearGuard™ line in response to an ongoing snatch-and-grab threat faced by professional and amateur photographers.

The GearGuard™ Lens Lock is the first-ever locking lens cap.  Simply put the cap on your camera, rotate the outer knob so that the lock loops overlap, and the cap is secured.  Run a cable or lock through it (not included, but sold separately by clicking here)

You can now secure many lenses and cameras together, and even lock the items to a sturdy object to deter theft.
gary fong gearguard locking lens cap
Lock and cable is a separate item.  Use your own, or order ours
separately by clicking here
Our locking lens cap is similar in cost to a replacement lens cap.  Can you imagine the expense and heartbreak of replacing a stolen lens?  Order yours today!

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