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Tripod Adapter for iPhone 3GS

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Tripod Adapter for iPhone 3GS

Item # TMA-IP3

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Tripod Adapter for iPhone 3GS

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"...despite its basic design and almost complete lack of fancifying, it could be the most practical iPhone tripod mount we’ve seen. There is no need for suction cups, permanently-attached stick-on adapters or even damage-inviting dock-connectors. You simply slip the iPhone in when you need to take a steady picture. Easy..."

Simply slide this bracket onto your iPhone3GS or iPhone4 (two different models) and you can mount it directly on a tripod or use it with our FlipCage™ to create a great tabletop stand.
iphone stand tripod iphone 4 iphone3gs
iphone tripod stand

pictured below: attached to a Gary Fong FlipCage
(in vertical position)
iphone stand

Available in black only.

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