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Welcome To Our Knowledgebase!

At Gary Fong, Inc. we pride ourselves in offering customers premium products, backed by expert customer education and support. You can see this commitment on our YouTube Channel, where Gary has uploaded nearly 300 training videos, covering a wide array of topics from 'choosing the best camera settings' to 'using photo editing software.'

In this portal, you'll find a wealth of useful content and tools, such as product finders, discussion forums, our Knowledgebase, and of course, the ability to Live Chat with our product experts (often staffed by Gary Fong himself) on our e-store during normal business hours.

While you're here, don't forget to check out our other product lines, too. We are known for our best-in-category lighting accessories, but did you know we offer unique point-and-shoot accessories and camera security products as well? The Flip-Cage is a protective rollcage for your point-and-shoot camera that also serves as a tabletop stand, allowing your camera to take macro, horizontal and vertical images. And the GearGuard™ line offers a layer of security for your expensive camera gear, including the only patented camera and lens locks in the world!

Thank you for making us the trusted source for quality and design of industry-leading photography accessories!