Lightsphere universal vs. collapsible

Jun 09 (10 months ago)
Jared Lazarus wrote
I've been using a Lightsphere II Photojournalist with a Canon 580 flash and before that a 550 flash for years and am a big fan. I recently got a Canon 430EXII as my primary unit and discovered that the Lightsphere II's I have don't fit. I've been looking at the sire for a new Lightsphere and see the Lightsphere Universal and Lightsphere Collapsible. Is the only difference between the two that the Collapsible can fold flat? I'm also curious if there is any difference between the Half Cloud and the LS2PJD dome? Also, does the Lightsphere Collapsible come with the half cloud dome? Also, do both the Collapsible and Universal have the ability to place the dome on concave or convex?
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